Welcome to Sidcup Nurseries


The Hospital Day Nursery is where children play, learn and grow together. We will provide the same quality of care for your children, as we would wish for our own.


About our nursery


The Hospital Day Nursery has been set up by Natasha Lyons and her mother Linda Nelson, together they both have lots of valuable and different experiences of working with children. Natasha qualified when she was eighteen years old and has over 15 years experience working within a nursery environment. Natasha started her own family in 2006 and now has two beautiful children of her own.


The aim of our nursery


The aim of our nursery is to provide a home-from-home environment for every child in our care, working together with the parent/carer to develop the individual needs of their child.


We welcome every child into a happy, stable, safe and secure environment.


Our nursery encourages positive relationships between staff and parents/carers to ensure that the nursery provides the best possible care for their child. We wish to give you confidence in us and the work that we do.


Staff at our nursery


All the staff at our nursery are chosen with great care, they have been selected on their individual experiences, motivation, qualifications and professionalism. All staff must undergo a full enhanced DBS check when they join the nursery and these are updated throughout their time at the nursery.


Job offers are subject to clear DBS’s and references. Qualified staff must either hold a NVQ 2 or 3 in Childcare and Education or an equivalent qualification. Any trainee staff that are employed by the nursery must be willing to commit to completing these courses.


To ensure that the nursery is providing the highest standards of care at all times all staff are encouraged to attend short courses, especially courses in First Aid, Safeguarding Children, Behaviour Management, Health & Safety and The Early Years Foundation Stage. Not only does sending staff on these courses help to widen and strengthen their knowledge but it also enables the nursery to use the most up to date information when caring for each and every child.


Extra Activities

French lessons:

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Nicole! I teach French to the pre-school children at each Nursery with the help of Pierre the puppet! The children learn basic phrases and vocabulary by playing games and singing familiar songs in French.


The life cycle of a baby chick:

During the Easter period, our nursery can enjoy the experience of watching the life cycle of a baby chick. Children will enjoy seeing the eggs crack and watching baby chicks appear before their very eyes. Children will be taught how to care for the chicks and they will be encouraged to watch them closely to see how the chicks grow and develop from day to day.


Sporty stars:

Children have the opportunity to practice their co-ordination and various other skills during their Sporty Star session once a week. These sessions are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage and is a fun way of encouraging physical development for every child. Each week a different sport/skill is taught and some of these will include: football, tennis, hoop games, athletics, basis ball skills and balancing games.


The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum


The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum is implemented into each of the room’s routines on a daily basis. This curriculum encourages children to learn through their play and also gives each and every child the opportunity to explore and experience planned and spontaneous activities within the nursery setting. The Early Years Foundation Stage starts from birth and continues up until the end of their reception year at school. Records will be kept of each child’s development and progress, this will be shared on a daily basis with the parents/carer.